Plug device

Butt-weld non-return valve

CAR non-return valve

A non return valve (or check valve) allows for the control of the direction that the fluid circulates. This system lets the fluid pass through

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Relief valve

Relief valve

A relief valve responds to overpressure on the lines. Different springs can cover a pressure span of between 0 to 13 bars.

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Vacuum pressure relief valve 2''

Vacuum pressure relief valve

The vacuum pressure relief valve is a tank protection device used during the pressure and vacuum phases. The valve exhaust is not channeled.

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Shut-off valve

Shut-off valve DCX3 FRACT single sealing mechanical relief with L body

DCX3 mechanically adjustable relief valve

The single sealing adjustable relief valve combines safety and accuracy thanks to its finetuning system. A predefined pressure relieves the main circuit protecting certain devises or circuits.

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Shut-off valve DCX3 single sealing 3 functions L body

DCX3 shut-off relief valve additional air and 3 functions

The DCX3 additional air valve relieves pressure from the main circuit using a predefined pressure, protecting components and peripheral circuits.

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Top tank protecting devices

AVX1 safety air vent DN150-76 with Sorio control top

AVX1 sanitary safety air vent

The autonomous sanitary vent AVX1 ensures protection against vacuum and overpressure of inert tanks (sterile air or neutral gas).

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Tank top module with Sorio control top

Tank top module

The tank top module from Definox equip liquid storage tanks. They manage the CO2 given off from the liquid stored in the tank. Thèse modules adapt to the geometry of the tank and have diverse accessories depending on the type of product.

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