Double independent plugs

Mixproof valve VEOX with double independent plugs body 01 with Sorio control top

VEOX PMO double independent plugs mix-proof valve

The new VEOX PMO mix-proof valve, with double independent plugs and no product loss when opening, meets the 3A recommendations (85-03) in accordance with dairy sanitary requirements. The physical break between two circuits allows two different liquids to flow through the valve without the risk of cross contamination.

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Mixproof valve VEOX with double independent plugs body 01 with Sorio control top

VEOX double independent plugs mixproof valve

With no product loss on opening, the VEOX double independent plugs mixproof valve, integrates a physical break between 2 circuits. This technology allows for the visualization of possible leaks and the secure flow of 2 different fluids with no cross contamination. The plug lifting ensures complete cleaning without opening the valve.

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Double sealing shut-off and divert valves

Divert valve DCX4 DE double sealing 1 indicator LL body with Sorio contro top

DCX4 DE double sealing divert valve

The double sealing valve DCX4 DE can detect potential leaks between two isolated zones, thanks to an airlock system. It is an alternative to independent plug valves with a leakage chamber

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Shut-off valve NEOS double sealing 1 indicator T body with Sorio control top

NEOS double sealing shut-off valve

The double sealing valve NEOS with leak detection is particularly adapted to CIP applications.

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Double sealing butterfly valve

Butterfly valve DPAX DE double sealing between flanges with Sorio control top

DPAX DE double sealing butterfly valve

This valve associates two automatic butterfly valves connected by a sleeve serving as a chamber.

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