PEV volumetric sampling valve

In order to facilitate powder sampling from drying silos, Definox offers a volumetric sampling valve. The powder flow is gravity discharged. It allows for repeatability of the sample taken from a given volume or frequency.

  • CE
  • FDA

The benefits

Sampling reliability

Fast and simple disassembly

Sampling repeatability

The product features

Mass-machined spherical body

  • Facilitating powder flow.

Viwateq finish

  • Avoiding clogging on stainless steel surfaces (with powder butter, for example).

Piston stem

  • Guaranteeing constant volume
  • Several models of stem to collect the volume.

Collar flange

  • Ensuring the tightness
  • Facilitating the disassembly for maintenance and cleaning operations.

PFA / PEEK sealing

  • Adapted to abrasive products.

Automatic sampling

  • Electro-magnetic sensors inform about piston position.

Receptacle adaptation

  • Thread adapted to the size of the bottles
  • FLoating ring for use of sampling bags.

ATEX version, optional

  • Allowing the use in explosive atmosphere.

Control and signal

  • From Sorio control top.

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Application domains

Cleaning products | Pet/Animal Food | Pharmaceutics | Cosmetics | Babyfood | Food industry

Cleaning products

We propose various ranges of products that adapt to local cultures and to chemical and hygienic constraints. It is the guarantee of a high level of reliability, an essential challenge in the sector and a decisive argument for consumers.

Pet/Animal Food

Because the wellbeing of their pets is the center of interest to their owners, the quality of our products must be at the center of our thinking. Supporting our customers in pet food production allows them to comply with the demands of the market


The Pharmaceutical market requires a strict control of the production line, at the same time being efficient and secure. In this extremely demanding sector, rigor is required, thus, the absence of retention zones of our products in the processes.


In a costly market in terms of production and consumption, it is fundamental to avoid wasting resources. Notably, thanks to our pigging solutions and our long lasting leakproof products, we supply you with the tools needed to reach optimum productivity.


Thanks to the hermetic properties, complying with qualificative hygiene and security standards, of our range of aseptic valves, your production line will be assuredly performant. Because our babies and toddlers deserve quality products.

Food industry

Our different range of products are designed to cover a vast array of food processes. Our valves are designed to last for today and tomorrow; with the aim of healthy food and quality for everyone.


Definox offers a range of services to support and advise you; spare parts management, valve retrofitting, personalized follow up program for valves and intervention schedules, valve maintenance training or even testing on our test bench. As many services to fit your needs.

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Customized solutions

DEFINOX accompanies you in managing hygienic process issues through our products guaranteeing your satisfaction and the respect to your process,

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