Fractional divert valve DCX4FRACT LL single sealing body with Sorio control top

DCX4 FRACT fractional divert valve

The small size single seal valves are leakproof under high-pressure. They fit the Starmotion pigging system and the injection system Starwheel.

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Automatic fractional shut-off valve DCX3 FRACT T body with Sorio control top

DCX3 FRACT fractional shut-off valve

The small size single sealing valves are leakproof under high-pressure. They fit the Starmotion pigging system and the injection system Starwheel.

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Shut-off valve DCX3 single sealing L body with Sorio control top

DCX3 single sealing shut-off valve

The single seal valve DCX3, designed to respond efficiently to the demands of the market in both cleanability and functionality, comes equipped with a PFA floating seal.

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Manual butterfly valve DPX3 standard handle

DPX DPAX DPX3 butterfly valve

The DPX3 butterfly valve is used in numerous process applications and auxiliary fluids. It benefits from a performant hygienic design, thanks to the geometry of its no retention zone components, combined with the newest generation seals.

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Starmotion in-line cleaning station to be welded with Sorio control top

Starmotion pigging system

Pigging systems allow the residual mass to be recovered in the production lines. The Starmotion pigging system developed by Definox is modular and easily adaptable to all process types.

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One-piece pig

Pig for pigging system

In order to handle most pigging situations, Definox offers two types of pigs. One-piece pigs are particularly adapted to a utilization on sensitive products. Dismantable pigs are used in numerous fluids processes.

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Air push module for pigging system

Accessories and devices for pigging systems

To facilitate the use of pigging stations and simplify their integration into existing process lines, numerous accessories and complimentary devices are available.

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