Starwheel with Sorio control top

Starmanifold Starwheel injection system

The Starwheel and Starmanifold injection systems designed by Definox allow for personalizable multi-points injection of flavors, colorants and additives into the fluid process, closest to the fluid stream. According to the injection needs, the valves can be put in place or taken out quickly.

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Manifold (7222871) with gateway and ladder and 2 lines of valves

Manifold or valve fitting assembly

Designed with care and built to last, the manifolds manufactured by Definox comply with the most stringent demands on sanitary processes.
Taking care to satisfy the ergonomic and safety concerns of industrial companies, Definox integrates, throughout their range of valves, devices that enable easy installation and accessibility to the valves. Issues concerning geometry, size and intended function, including the most complex, are all fully considered during the designing and manufacturing of these assemblies.

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Sorio control with M12 connector

Sorio control top

The Sorio control top is available in a digital version, AS-i and IO-Link. Easy to use and put in place, it adapts to every type of valve.
It has innovative diagnostic and adjustment functions. The IO-Link version allows for predictive maintenance.

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Shut-off valve DCX3 with plunging cane

DCX3 dosing valve with plunging cane

The dosing valve with plunging cane allows for filling or withdrawing of large volumes of liquid. Two plug positions ensures small and large flow.

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Tank bottom shut-off valve DCX3 FC for powder application with Sorio control top

Tank bottom shut-off valve for powder application

In order to facilitate filling powder into tanks, Definox offers a variant of the single seal tank bottom shutoff valve. Powder is introduced into the depressurized tank by suction.

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High pressure shut-off valve L body with Sorio control top

DCX3 HP high pressure shut-off valve

The high-pressure valve is adapted to circuits with pressure levels higher than 20 bars. It is designed following the European Pressure Equipment Directive CE97/23/CEE. Disassembly operations are secured in compliance with the fundamental demands of this European Directive.

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Automatic flush butterfly valve DPAX with Sorio control top

Butterfly valve for powder transfer

This butterfly valve is used for transferring powders from tanks to the process lines and conversely from the process lines to the tanks. Fitted with a special flange, they integrate easily.

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Regulating shut-off valve DCX3 REGUL single sealing L body

DCX3 regulating shut-off valve

Fitted with a positioner, the DCX3 regulating valve allows the precise adjustment of the flow rate of any fluid, from a signal (0) 4/20 mA or 0/10V.

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Tank bottom mixproof valve VEOX FC L body with Sorio control top

VEOX FC tank bottom double independent plugs mixproof valve

The double independent plugs tank bottom mixproof valve isolates the tank from the flow circuit. Visualization of the leak is assured by a fixed leak outlet. It integrates a physical cutoff between the 2 circuits and authorizes the crossing of two different fluids.

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