Manifold (7222871) with gateway and ladder and 2 lines of valves

Manifold or valve fitting assembly

Designed with care and built to last, the manifolds manufactured by Definox comply with the most stringent demands on sanitary processes.
Taking care to satisfy the ergonomic and safety concerns of industrial companies, Definox integrates, throughout their range of valves, devices that enable easy installation and accessibility to the valves. Issues concerning geometry, size and intended function, including the most complex, are all fully considered during the designing and manufacturing of these assemblies.

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Sorio control with M12 connector

Sorio control top

The Sorio control top is available in a digital version, AS-i and IO-Link. Easy to use and put in place, it adapts to every type of valve.
It has innovative diagnostic and adjustment functions. The IO-Link version allows for predictive maintenance.

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Regulating shut-off valve DCX3 REGUL single sealing L body

DCX3 regulating shut-off valve

Fitted with a positioner, the DCX3 regulating valve allows the precise adjustment of the flow rate of any fluid, from a signal (0) 4/20 mA or 0/10V.

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Tank bottom mixproof valve VEOX FC L body with Sorio control top

VEOX FC tank bottom double independent plugs mixproof valve

The double independent plugs tank bottom mixproof valve isolates the tank from the flow circuit. Visualization of the leak is assured by a fixed leak outlet. It integrates a physical cutoff between the 2 circuits and authorizes the crossing of two different fluids.

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Shut-off valve DCX3 FRACT single sealing mechanical relief with L body

DCX3 mechanically adjustable relief valve

The single sealing adjustable relief valve combines safety and accuracy thanks to its finetuning system. A predefined pressure relieves the main circuit protecting certain devises or circuits.

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Shut-off valve DCX3 single sealing 3 functions L body

DCX3 shut-off relief valve additional air and 3 functions

The DCX3 additional air valve relieves pressure from the main circuit using a predefined pressure, protecting components and peripheral circuits.

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Butt-weld non-return valve

CAR non-return valve

A non return valve (or check valve) allows for the control of the direction that the fluid circulates. This system lets the fluid pass through

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Manual sampling diaphragm valve DMX PE 2 outlets

DMX PE DMAX PE diaphragm sampling valve

The sampling diaphragm valve DMX PE and DMAX PE integrate a physical barrier between the interior of the valve and the external environment. The sample is taken under optimum aseptic conditions.

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Manual sampling valve PEX2 sterilization by liquid circulation wall welded connection

PEX PEAX sampling valve

The PEX PEAX sampling valve allows for safe, easy sampling using various sterilization methods: by flame, circulating a cleaning product, or steam injection. Their modular design and numerous connections allow them to adapt to all configurations.

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Diaphragm shut-off valve DCX3 single sealing L body with Sorio control top

DCX3 diaphragm shut-off valve

For aseptic applications, the DCX3 valve can be equipped with a diaphragm PTFE ensuring a physical barrier between the interior of the valve and the external environment.

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